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September 5, John W. August 27, Dear NYT. Guess you've lost your gambit of baiting and switching your NYT Cooking subscribers.

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More and more people are leaving because of this sleazy move. It is simple enough to copy and save a recipe from anywhere including your site.

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All i did with NYT was to store recipes from yours and other sites for eventual transit to my own recipe file on my computer. Leaving recipes on your online recipe box wouldn't make any sense. You charge, you loose.

Bye bye. Anna July 19, I'm still mulling it over. I like the recipes, but they wouldn't be the same without all the great comments, and I'm just not sure everyone else is going to stick around.

Wise Up, Print Addicts!

I get the same value from Food. Mark S. July 11, Yeah no. You play, you loose NYT.

I'm not paying for recipes that are most often completely wrong. The latest "French" batch from Melissa Clifton is laughable and they want us to pay for that? Sterling B. July 3, I have followed recipes on the New York times for decades now, long before cooking. Now I am retired trying to live on SS. More time to cook, less money to buy food and not enough money to subscribe to ongoing charges like this paywall.

I will miss it dearly, but can no longer afford this kind of expense. Can I. July 4, Do you subscribe to the New York Times? If you do, you still have access to Cooking. February 13, Yes, you do. An all access digital subscription includes NYT Cooking. This is what I have. And it's worth it. July 1, As a subscriber, it's part of my monthly package, and I have to admit I use it quite a bit and it's a convenient place to stash other recipes found online.

Current October 12222 Coupons

Robyn July 1, I doubt it. I don't think I'd get the value for the money. WHB June 30, When I opened the app last night, ithere was a message saying it was changing to a subscription service. It said I would have complimentary access for a limited time. Again folks -- read the note that was sent regarding the change Or go the the Times and read what they've shared about the change.

The New York Times Digital Access Gift Code Redemption

The Cooking APP isn't free. Not the same thing. The recipes you get in the newsletter are till free. Maureen June 30, I used to get the paper edition but never found time to read it. I started subscribing to the digital edition last year because it's one of the few news sources I actually trust. It really doesn't cost that much and it's worth it to me to support genuine professional journalists dedicated to the truth. I'm sorry we live in a time when journalism is forced to such lengths.

I love the Cooking section and hope it can survive. Nomnomnom June 30, My situation is the same. I'm happy to spend a few dollars a month for news journalism I can trust. Access to information is everything. If I lost my digital access code, what should I do? Please contact the organization that gave you the code. Whom do I contact for questions about my digital access code? Whom do I contact to purchase New York Times subscriptions for my company or clients?

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