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The makeover is dramatic and Paul beams and Leslie cried tears of joy. For relaunch night, Paul falls apart again and does not communicate leading to long waits for food. Al the Sous Chef does a runner and everyone steps up to help in the kitchen with Sharyn stepping up as his sous chef. Although the food is delayed, the customers are happy with the dishes when they receive them and the relaunch is success.

Gordon tells Paul he hasn't convinced him that he can turn the restaurant around but he wants him to prove him wrong. Paul hired another Sous chef to replace Al, there was a boost in business and Sharyn left to focus on her dessert business, Simply Homemade Desserts.

WELCOME TO Bozzini's Restaurant

Gordon returns in a Kitchen Nightmares revisited episode and arrives to a dark and abandoned restaurant and assumes that Bazzini is closed for lunch. The single Yelp review after Gordon visited is negative after the episode was filmed and complains of poor service from the hostess. A review on Patch rates the service as acceptable and the atmosphere as not welcoming.

Paul and Leslie were critical of the show and told a local news site that they were naive of the process, did not see much of Gordon except for filming and there were attempts to stir up tension. Bazzini aired on February 05 , the episode was filmed in July and is Kitchen Nightmares season 3 episode 3. Aww I wouldn't have blamed Paul's lack of success on his wife's appearance, if anything, it's the other way around. Besides, some guys like big girls : Paul blamed everyone but himself for his failures, how should that feel for a wife who put not just her own self, but her own money, into her husband's business ventures?

The chef seemed rotten on the inside. Now that's not quite fair though is it? These places are failing before he gets there.

Bozzini's Restaurants, Surrey

They'd be closed far sooner if he didn't go. He tries to get them back on track, but it's not always possible. Most of the time he leaves them with a much better chance of getting somewhere.

In the case of Bazzini's, Gordon was pessimistic about it's chances when his time was finished. These days people blame everyone but themselves.

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I am an avid watcher and it's obvious that some people aren't meant to own a business. How could it be Ramsey's fault when half the time he shows up they don't even know how to clean out their fridge?

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Honestly, are you serious? Without Gordon, these restaurants was lost. Gordon's show has save some restaurants but with the actual economy and the owner's actions, it is not possible to save all. In most western countries atleast half of all new restaurants close within a couple of years of opening or less due to multiple factors i. That's pretty much the reason why he has this show. When the restaurant is hundreds of thousands or even millions in debt, which is a common case with this show, its almost impossible to save it, even if Gordon turns it into an ideal establishment overnight.

Its a show, first and foremost. Gordon gives good advice, but in most cases even a total overhaul is too little too late. Actually the when he visits the restaurants are on the verge of closing. They are in debt and or have lost their passion. They get their restaurants redecorated and sale to help pay the debt. And quiet a few are still open. Ramsay is invited to restaurants that are failing; without Ramsay's visit, these restaurants will fail because they're all ready in-process of such.

If they fail after Ramsay's visit, it's due to the owner's failure to change their ways and succeed. Think about it. And, the restaurants highlighted on Kitchen Nightmare are set up with a lot of free tools to help them succeed The UK version of the program shows a compassionate Gordon Ramsay truly helping failing restaurants. I mean, this is why Chef Ramsey never puts his hand in too deeply when they are working with customers, because he knows he can run a kitchen, point is to get the owner to be able to run his kitchen.

Very good chef, probably a great sous chef, but not a leader. Death knell right there. How much money could they make for lunch? How much of their operating costs could they cover doing lunch? Simple, efficient and profitable.

Bozzini's Restaurant

Well said. While - obviously - it will incur additional costs staff , it means more meals per square meter i. Common sense would tell one to open for lunch unless there is no business to be made at lunch - and not "by guess" but "prooven by trying". But then, common sense and a lot of those restaurants have - no common ground. You can just open for lunch Monday through Friday to take advantage of office worker traffic. Single part-time shift staff, simple yet quick menu, maybe stock up on to-go boxes and people can phone or fax in their orders from their office and swing by to pick up.

Close down at 2 for cleanup and dinner setup, then reopen at 5 with the dinner menu. Common sense is a very difficult concept for most people,but when your Restaurant is failing and you are given new stuff appliances, food, Store makeover And given a completely different way of doing things, that require passion and hard work, one needs to get it there all. And that dear friends is common sense!! As comments below may disagree with me, please see opening line of my Rant.. Did Sharyn ever actually work at Bazzini?

If I remember correctly the website for her business Simply Homemade Desserts no longer active stated that Sharyn started the business in Also Sharyn was wearing a shirt in the Kitchen Nightmares episode with her company's name on it. The episode claimed that Sharyn eventually left Bazzini to start her own dessert business. I don't think that was totally accurate. She had to have already started the business prior to her appearance on the episode. I think that there were two different possibilities regarding Sharyn's work history with Bazzini.

She might have been running her own business plus working at Bazzini, or she might have been strictly running her business and not working for Bazzini at all. I think that it's possible that Bazzini might have been outsourcing Sharyn's desserts while the Kitchen Nightmares production crew might have instructed Sharyn to act as a regular employee for the episode. Overall the shows is good. A chance to have a longer life for the restaurants. The changes on the decor, menu, kitchen, etc was good.

The problems on the restaurant were found.

Bozzini's Restaurant Surrey -

The solutions were adviced and applied by Gordon and his team. And the rest is left to the owner and his team to manage the restaurant after Gordon left. I think he is better suited to just being a sous chef, or at least executive chef in a restaurant he doesn't own so he is not bogged down by managerial stuff. I found an article from with comments from Paul about this episode. He was not pleased with how he was presented.

Paul was a lazy dead beat. He is not a chef, he was merely playing at being a restaurateur. Who the hell only opens from 5 to 9. Where do the people who come out of the cinema at 10pm go? When was he doing his prep work? Alt-Country Up Close. Cuff the Duke plays Bozzini's Oct Released by Mano, Bozzini's. Doors open at 8 P. As promised, Union is the second part of a two part album project that stared with the release of Morning Comes late last year which was nominated for a Juno for Adult Alternative Album Of The Year. The two albums relate lyrically and visually.

A number of the songs on the new album act as a response to the songs from Morning Comes. Instead of trying to find the perfect tone, it was more about exploring interesting sounds.