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  4. Mango Black Friday 12222 sale: What to expect from the high street favourite this November

On that day almost all American stores offer massive discounts for shoppers aiming to get a head start on Christmas shopping. It also annually results in videos of crowds of people busting into stores the moment they open or fighting over the last television, for example. While such riots aren't part of the Netherands' experience yet, Dutch stores are increasingly going for the discounts on Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Especially electronic and home stores are playing along.

Most of them are even extending the Black Friday deals to the entire weekend. Apple is offering a free gift card worth up to euros with the purchase of selected Apple products.

Black Friday Deals 12222

This special is on for Friday only. Many online stores are also offering discounts today. We expect huge savings on all Amazon products as ever but expect there to be some decent traction through the Lightning Deals too. Come on, we've not got that good of a crystal ball - there will be so many 'discounts' flying around on Black Friday that even we, who spend most of our times staring at changing numbers after dollar signs, can't tell you every deal this year.

That said The new iPad There's no doubt, as it's already been on sale at times, despite launching on September Last year, the iPad 9. Of course, many people are looking for that brand new iPad Pro, and guess what? It'll be a year old this month.

BEST Cyber Monday Tech Deals - 2017

That means incredible discounts on the iPad Pro 11 and iPad Pro Given the Airpods were among the most searched-for items over Black Friday last year, we're thinking that they're going to see some mega discounts in Expect both the standard variants and those with the wireless charging case to get a decent price drop. We know we're going to get good phone deals this year - the iPhone Black Friday sales will be one thing, but there's almost certainly going to be a slew of decent 'general' Black Friday phone deals too.

As with iPhones, so with Galaxies: not just the S10 but the new Note too.

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While we're still thinking there will be some decent PS4 Black Friday deals this year, it's also the last season before the PS5 rolls around. We're currently facing a bit of a drought for decent PS4 deals as is usually the case at this time of year as we count down the weeks to Black Friday, with new decent prices expected any time now. But with the PS5 in the offing, if you're not desperate for a PS4 right now, holding out another year may actually reap you big rewards.

Cyber Monday - Wikipedia

With the PS5 arriving, the PS4 prices will likely take more of a nosedive. We expect game developers to continue to support the PS4 for a few years past the PS5 launch, so it could be a great budget buy for Black Friday What did we see on Prime Day this year? There were huge improvements in the amount of Ring and Blink devices sold, as well as Eero mesh routers - it shows that as the influence of Amazon's own devices grows, the same discounts get applied to Amazon's sales period which includes Black Friday.

Now that we have masses of new products from Amazon's latest launch - the Echo Dot with Clock is going to be a big seller this year, we think - the brand is likely to be doubling down on its discounts to get these products in homes and the Alexa ecostystem proliferated.

Black Friday should continue last year's trend of not just offering discounts, but offering discounts on items you'll actually want to buy. Specifically, we're expecting to see big-ticket items like 4KTVs with HDR support — a once expensive proposition, and Apple to offer cheap iPads, which was a big hit last year.

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New AirPods in may see the older models on sale for a better price, while laptops, iPhones and Android smartphones should be at their lowest levels in This mostly happens through US carriers and buy one, get one free deals. Black Friday is one of the most important times of the year for TechRadar - we spend weeks ahead of the big day or weekend making sure the whole site is ready for people looking for the information they need to help them make the right buying choice.

Whether that's knowing which is the best laptop, TV or iPad, or just seeing great deals for them through our Hawk price comparison widget, we've got everything you need to know. Generally speaking, yes - although there are two kinds of deals. We saw something similar with iPads in the US. In , consumer magazine 'Which? Days like this are a great opportunity to demonstrate the strength of affiliate marketing, by working together with partners and leaving no stone unturned, you can achieve unbelievable results during Black Friday.

We recommend to advertisers that want to participate in Black Friday, to really go all out on the deal that they are offering or at least make sure that the deals is unique. To stand out during this day and to really make the most out of it, you need to offer a truly unique proposition.

Mango Black Friday 12222 sale: What to expect from the high street favourite this November

Not only you as an advertiser will benefit, but also all parties involved will achieve a better result. The downside of the growing popularity of Black Friday is that the consumer has become more aware of the phenomena and is expecting the best deals and a large range of choices. Apple is offering a free gift card worth up to euros with the purchase of selected Apple products. This special is on for Friday only.

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