Oc register subscription deals 2019

Oc register subscription deals
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Paul Pioneer Press. That's whack and make them look desperate. A disaster. Yeah, it's pretty stupid. You can try outline.

Top 10 California Daily Newspapers by Circulation

They've done it in the past and it failed miserably. It's back again. Wondering how long til they get rid of the paywall again.

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Reading specific articles from a newspaper website is fine and I think that they expect to use stories to drive traffic and then keep people there with other stories sprinkled in, but in this day, I want so much more. Often, I see something, maybe an event on a freeway or some choppers circling or smoke in the hills and I want to know what's going on, I go to news sources and nada. I want's near-time hyper-local reporting, I want curated and edited stories and accounts from regular people on the ground, I wan't their live streams. Or, I'll see some kind of protest or festival and I KNOW there are a ton of people live streaming or shooting video and can't find anything.

I want this kind of content to be provided by my news providers! When I see a story that has only a few details, or a something like an arrest that will have details in the coming months, I want those stories to be aggregated into a place I can come back to month after month to see the updates. This is , all of the tools are available it's just that nobody is working to change their model in a dramatic way, they're afraid to take risks and innovate into this new culture of information.

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Instead they want to force people to buy into their tired old ways and then they're confused when nobody wants to. I think you hit the nail on the head.

News by Sector

A lot of old media is struggling to keep up and they think that things like paywalls are the solution going forward. Maybe it's time for a someone to make a local news startup and take all the business that organizations like OC Register fail to find and keep. I always just open their articles in incognito windows. Seems to work.